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Since September 1968, the Department of Theology and the Graduate School of the University of Notre Dame have offered a professional program in theological and ministerial studies on the graduate level. 


The Master of Divinity is a professional theological degree designed to prepare students for learned and effective ministry in the Roman Catholic Church. The studies of scripture, the history of Christian tradition, systematic theology, liturgy and Christian ethics are joined to field experience and training in pastoral skills to form a comprehensive ministerial curriculum. 


The University of Notre Dame is a special setting for an M.Div. program. The intellectual opportunities and challenges of a major teaching and research university are appropriate backdrops for pastoral studies. Notre Dame is a crossroads for people and programs touching church life, as it attracts representative figures from dioceses and religious movements in all parts of the United States. There is an extensive, well-conceived campus ministry program with its spectrum of liturgical and pastoral opportunities. The Institute for Church Life offers programs in continuing education for bishops, priests and religious leaders, as well as national programs in liturgy training. The Center for Social Concerns sponsors many educational initiatives in social justice and direct service to the poor. Because of the size of the theology department at Notre Dame and the significant number of visiting professors, a wide offering of courses is available in all the areas of theology. 

The M.Div. program includes a variety of students: members of the Congregation of Holy Cross studying for the priesthood, laymen and laywomen, and members of religious congregations. With this community of students, the University furthers the expansion and diversification of ministry and fosters a realistic and helpful context for ministerial education. 

All M.Div. students receive a full-tuition scholarship

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